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49er TV Blackouts? Washington Post Article on state of NFL

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I usually watch 49er games on TVU Player but TVU has a different team scheduled during the 49ers Saturday game time. Maybe it is blocked out locally.

CBS is showing no game at all but FOX has a different game scheduled. The 49er pregame and after game shows are still scheduled. Hopefully this will change by game time. At least we'll see the game Sunday on NFL Network.
This policy is so stupid. A team loses money by not selling enough season tickets so in order to right they ship they make a decision to lose more money by not televising the game...brilliant.
Originally posted by dj43:

Actually the Washington Post is considered by most media observers to be best fishwrap in the nation. That doesn't make them 100% accurate but they are better than any other paper in the land.


Originally posted by dj43:

On a sidenote, they are one of only a couple major newspapers still able to make money. And isn't it interesting; they used to be almost as far to the liberal side of the world as the NYTimes. Two years ago they began moving back toward the center and the revenue stream turned around. Go figure.

You are insinuating that The Washington Post Co. turned a profit last year because the paper is more conservative than it was in the past. No offense, but this is laughably preposterous on so many levels that it's kind of funny.

1. The Washington Post Co. turned a profit last year.

a) The profit was a direct result of owning Kaplan Test Prep. That's it.
b) the newspaper posted an 89 million dollar loss (even more than the year before) and add revenues were down 20% from 2007.

2. The Washington Post newspaper turned this imaginary profit last year because it's now more conservative.

a) The move to the right has been noted as early as 1992 (17 years ago), meaning that any attempt to correlate this move to changes in profit margins in the last 18 months is laughable (on top of the fact that the paper bled even more money during the time you're citing).
b) As for the move to the right at the post, read their obudsman's op-ed in 2008:

You're basically attributing a company's profit to a division of the company that's losing more money than ever and assigning the reason for this fictitious profit to a grandiose ideological shift that either happened two decades ago or hasn't really happened. Try news, not newsmax.

As for your "isn't it interesting" question, the answer is of course no, it's not interesting at all, because it's completely fictive.

Oh yeah, GO 9ERS!
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