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Countdown to Season Opener: Game Day!!! ready...watchin the nfc playbook on nfl network, just finish talking about niners and cards... all three guys picked the cards
Originally posted by mayo63:
Game Day!!!


just replace the the pic in this video with 49ers highlights

Game starts at 22:15 my time.

I hope they start the season well.

As much as I like the 49ers, it's difficult to stay up until 0100 the following morning to listen and watch, with frequent internet disruptions, a team get annihilated year after year. No fun!

At least we have a coach who won't hesitate to rip the lungs out of players who waltz through a game.

We are in dire need of a QB who can throw the pass.

Ben Schnockelberger threw for some 330 yards. We will be luck to get 200 yards today. Running the football for maintained drives eats up the clock and keeps the ball out of Warner's hands.

Go Niners!!!!!

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Heres to a top 10 D.
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