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Adam Snyder over Marvel Smith

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At this point with Snyder taking all first team reps, you can bank on the opening day starter being Snyder.


I think people are reading way too much into the first few weeks of TC.

They are being cautious with Smith due to his injury history, nothing more. If Snyder can continue to impress, than sure he could start. But I wouldn't "bank" on anything at this point. We haven't even played a single pre-season game yet.

I disagree. There's a reason why Marvel Smith was signed in the 3rd week of Free Agency...

At this point, he's not even taking full time reps with the 2nd team line. He's not even CLOSE to competing.

I think his injury is a whole lot worse than was expected.


If his injury was that bad, how the hell did he pass the physical that led us to signing him in the first place???

Well, this is the same medical staff that cleared Alex Smith to play in the middle of 2007 because his shoulder was "fine."

I think Marvel's contract is very incentive based, so the team won't suffer financially that much if he can't play. The QB may suffer, though, if he doesn't get protection on that side.
Synder was pretty solid at right tackle the brief time he spent there last season. His problem is he's injury prone.
I like snyder but it is too bad that that it seems that smith is not healthy enough to be the starter. I only have the bronco game recorded but smith stonewalled his guy on a few passing situations and blew his guy off of the line on runs.

In the recent past the OT's for the niners seem to want to push their guy past the QB instead of having the ability to get in front of speed rushers. You see other teams completely stop guys at the LOS but against the niners you constantly see guys running past the niners QB while our OT tries to push him past our QB. I can probably count the amount of times on my hand when the niners held the opposition's pass rush at the LOS.

Marvel Smith seems to be one of those guys who can keep a DE/OLB at the LOS on passing downs and push a DE/olb off of the line on runs.
Yeah I hate watching our lineman just get ran by as they try to recover and push them past our QB. Then our QB is going down in a heap or running for their life. I hope whoever plays they give our QB sometime in the pocket
Originally posted by Byisgod:
Hmmm interesting. Either Snyder has really shown up to play this season or Marvel has truly fallen off his game.

Or his back is still broken, which now appears to be the case.

However, Snyder did indeed look very good so far in pre-season. However, what does pre-season games relly indicate?
Marvel Smith is a sore loser.
Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
Marvel Smith is a sore loser.

I kinda was wondering just a little bit about that. Could be Marvel decided if he was not starting, the effort and ongoing pain was not worth being there the whole season?

If any of that is true(?).... we don't want a sore loser on this team anyways.
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