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Any VD haters starting to turn?

Originally posted by sacniner:
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I'm a davis supporter but don't crown him yet until he proves it on sundays.

Exactly, we heard the same thing last year in practice. He hasn't played one game yet, so how can you start loving him all of a sudden... I'm not a VD hater at all, like other fans, I was pumped when we drafted him and we have all been disappointed... he has to prove it this year. This system is great for TEs.

This system is basically designed for him. I think it's the first fair shake he might have with us so far. Last year, and previous years too, 1-3 balls thrown his way per game just isn't enough to say that he has had all the opportunities to flourish. Do you think the superstars at TE in the league would be doing what they are with only 1-3 balls per game?
I believe in Vernon Davis. Even last year, Martz was quoted as saying that Vernon gets a lot of attention from the defense when he goes out. Ever since he's been here, there have been documented interviews with coaches after games saying that a certain guy was open because Vernon got a lot of attention.

Let's face it. After Norv left, neither Hostler or Martz used an offense to accentuate the talent. The forced the talent to try and accentuate their offense. Actually, Hostler just didn't know what the f**k he was doing.
I have always supported VD and from what I am hearing from training camp, this could be a breakout season for Vernon. Coach Sing has him working hard and believing in himself and I can't wait to see VD out there making huge plays for the Niners.
I haven't liked VD up until this point. I'm encouraged by the progress....but he must do it consitantly throughout the season in order for me to hop on the fan bus.

But I am rooting for the guy.
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Originally posted by bigmur49:
I have been sick of this guy and his hands of stone for a while now. Non-stop talk about what a weapon he can be and then...nothing. On the few times he actually held on he made great plays, but it was so rare and not up to the hype at all so I just got sick of him.

However, hearing about how practice is going and the fact that he is running 15 yard routes rather than 40 yard out patterns and grabbing everything has got me psyched.

I think I am officially getting back on the VD bandwagon, cautiously, but still on it!

(PS, isn't Paris Hilton the driver of the VD Bandwagon?)

I still have to be impressed that he can measure up as a top class TE but what I can say is he is fast becoming a very good team player. He is perhaps not Captain material because he can still be reckless but he is doing a good deal of work in being a 49er! Fair play to him.
Psssst another old thread waddya reckon??? vd...hmmmm...v.d...hmmmm....cant say I caught that one!
Originally posted by dilligaf:
Psssst another old thread waddya reckon??? vd...hmmmm...v.d...hmmmm....cant say I caught that one!

Have you been seeing your medicine man again dilli?
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