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What happens if coach Singletary fails?

A good part of the complaints is that the coaching numbnuts are doing everything to lose and blaming players when decisions so ludicrous as to be laughed at by most football fans are made time after time. Stupidity is not a curable disease. Can the clowns.
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If he fails then the cycle continues. We fire him. We bring in a new coach who wants to mold the team in his image. He takes 2-3 years to reorganize the roster and we fans simply wait through more losing seasons. It won't be hard, we are already in our fifth year of this. We are well practiced, and it is a shame.
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He will have failed unforgiveably if he does not recognize and correct that lack of modern-day creativity in the offense.

This is a market that has not, and will not, accept a power-running game that does nothing while the passing is almost non-existent. Like it or not, this is still Bill Walsh country. The NFL is a passing league, many recent rule changes have affirmed that. The reason is that passing is much more attractive to the average and casual fan. A good passing team can finish 8-8 and still maintain a good fan base because of the excitement of factor. A power-running team does not bring that same excitement even if it finishes with the same record.

Singletary's hit-em-in-the-mouth approach has already failed in the eyes of the average fan. These final games are his second chance. If this team finishes with a 6-10, 7-9 record, as seem almost certain at this point, it will be hard to hold season ticket holders next year. That will mean major changes.
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