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IWAS's Old School 9er pics

This pic reminds of:

While sitting in the stands, I vividly remember someone, a few rows behind us, had an epileptic gran mall seizure. It scared the crap outta' me, because I was so young, and never seen or heard of such a thing. The guy was foaming at the mouth and convulsing in the isle, as the crowd was screaming and freaking out watching him. My dad, a fireman, rushed over to him and took control of the situation until medics took the guy out on a stretcher.

#26 Bob Jury?
Originally posted by rigs49:
Wow love the pics IWAS. Two things one is Bubba looks thin and two PLEASE pinn this thread. Hands down the thread of the year! Thank your dad for us too.


This stuff is priceless!

This is either '71 or '72. #80 is Kevin Hardy. My dad and Kevin went to St. Elizabeth High, in Oakland, together. After high school, Kevin went on to play next to Alan Page on Notre Dames' '66 Championship team, and even played 12 games for the 9ers in '68.

Here's the back of my dad's head, saying a quick "hello" to Kevin.

Tidbit: My dad has 3 or 4 letters from Kevin that he wrote while at ND. He talks about how playing an opponent on Saturdays was "like a day off", because the practices were so brutal.
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great pictures IWAS! Thanks for posting these. It made my day!
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Nice job on posting all those pics Paul. What great memories those bring back. Thanks
Originally posted by BigRon:
Nice job on posting all those pics Paul. What great memories those bring back. Thanks

A) I was wondering when you'd show up.

B) Are you in the background of any of these?**

**In case some of you don't know, last year, I posted a pic of Walsh and I (at a Warrior game in '87), and in the background, BigRon just happens to be walking by.

Here, I'll show you.

The pic is zoomed and cropped so BigRon can feel more prominent. He's the one w/the beard and glasses.
This is THE MAN.

And, I'm not talking about "Hacksaw". The man with him is my Great Uncle Frank, who started his season tickets in '46.

The man in the background, on the right is Leo Nomellini

In Canton, Summer of '83.

Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

The United Way handed out this pic at the gate during the holidays one year.

#88 Freddie Solomon, #14 Ray Wersching, #51 Randy Cross, #30 Bill Ring, #77 Bubba Paris, #58 Keena Turner, #22 Dwight Hicks, #85 Mike Wilson

these are great pics, thanks IWAS!

I really wish the 9er store sold sweatshirts like this... I would cop on without question they are sick! They don't sell anything retro and cool

Bubba Paris @ a 49er Booster Club meeting/dinner, in Hayward.

Ken Bungarda?

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