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Morgan vs the Crabtree Love Affair

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Originally posted by 23zack80:
Originally posted by krizay:
With all due respect. Josh morgan hasn't done a heck of alot either. Just like Crab you are basing your opinion on potential! To say Morgan is way ahead of Crab is just crazy talk. As you said Crab hasn't done anything yet. So how far behind do you really know he is?

Morgan got that staph infection which really slowed him down right after pre-season. He then injured his groin near then end of the season. He missed four games and still put up decent numbers for an injured rookie: 20 rec. 319 yds. 3 TDs.

I agree about Crabtree. He hasn't done anything to prove he will fail. He also hasn't done anything to prove he is going to have a monster rookie season. Unfortunately, we have to wait a couple more weeks before he starts playing...

Doesn't matter.

Extrapolate those stats over a full season and they're still just plain ok for a rookie WR. Nothing spectacular. Now we do have hope that Morgan can turn into something special, he just needs to justify the hype first.

Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by Grigga2021:
I dont know guys.......ther word on the street is Crabtree is the best WR prospect since Randy Moss.

More like the best since Calvin Johnson...he's not as good or as hyped as Johnson was....he will be very good I belive maybe great but we cannot expect anymore out of him than Johnson gave his rooke season 40-50 catches 400-600 yards 4-6 TD's still very good for a rookie wr.

ONLY 2 time Biletnikoff award winner in history! First one was as a freshmen, Not saying hes gonna have a year like Moss but u nvr know.....

I agree Morgan is a freak but IMHO i expect Crabtree to be the Bonafide #1 in time.
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