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Sacks for Justin Smith

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Sacks for Justin Smith

Justin's production improved after he switched to RDE only. DE's in a 3-4 usually get few sacks. 7 from a DE in a 3-4 was fantastic. I don't know if he'll match that this season.
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by Ninefan56:
I want Justing Smith to stay at 3/4 end. I will also be interested in how his protoge does - K. Balmer. If he can develop a motor, and a skill set to match JS Balmer will be a lot of fun to watch. I hope for 15 sacks by the Dline this year, 8 out of JS, and 7 out of the other linemen. I would think that Balmer is the variable in the Dline. He could be the surprise player on the line. I also hope for 25 sacks out of the LBs. I am hoping for 10 sacks from Harolson, 7 from Lawson, and 4-5 each out of Willis and Spikes. So that would be about 40 sacks and if so that would increase the pressure as well. I have high hopes.

Your hoping for a lot, you may be in for disappointment by setting the bar high. Spikes & Willis likely will combine for 4-5 sacks not get 4-5 EACH. As for the D-line it will be the same as last year where outside of Smith they had what 3 sacks combined I believe ? And as for Lawson he still has a lot to prove as a pass rusher. With little to no upgrades this offseason I am not expecting us to really increase the 30 team sacks from last year by much. There is a chance Balmer and Lawson really come around and turn it on but I'm not going to bank on it and keep my expectations low and reasonable.

No question at all that my projections are optimistic. My optimis is base on Manusky simplify the scheme. The defense has had a year to get used the defense and this year I hope that it takes the next logical step in development. So if Nolan's defense confused the D in the first part of the year, and Mausky's simplified defense helped them to #13 defense, then a whole year, plus the healing of Manny's knee, Balmer's development, Goldson's ballhawking, and a year of working together should give us 15 more sacks. We also have removed TBC, and Green and hopefully we will distribute the sacks in a nice proportionate manner.
as long as he keeps the pressure coming i dont care how many sacks he gets
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