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Originally posted by NoOffseason:
First of all, Ross Tucker did speak with Greg Cossell, who is a Senior Producer at NFL Films and works with Hoge. This means he gets access to the real good stuff, the coaches tape and he has been working at NFL Films for 30 years, so I would guess he should have a little experience watching tape

Then, since the Niners blurb is short and its not a pay site, why not post it here:

"He has limitations throwing the football. When your quarterback is limited physically, that will eventually show up. If you want to play that guy, you need a very complete offense and a defense that keeps games close so that you can afford to stay on schedule from a down and distance standpoint. You have to understand with Shaun Hill it is going to be difficult to convert long-yardage situations."

I think his opinion is much more detailed than just saying "Hill has a weak arm and limits the offense".

I think the entire article is interesting. Cossell basically states his opinion on a few questions from Tucker, but he has some good observations.

For example, he said the eternal NFL obsession Bret Favre actually had trouble last year with his throws to the outside and that in his opinion, the problems began not in the last few games, but actually started to show since Week six, which I found interesting.

Also, I liked how he described the "zone exchange". Cossell used that term to explain the new schemes people like Rex Ryan or Dick LeBeau come up with all the time to rush the passer, where they sort of zone-blitz, but with only four people rushing so there is actually no real blitzing and you still have seven guys in coverage. I donĀ“t know why, but I like how zone exchange sounds

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is anyone actually suprised? this is old news. the knock on hill has always been his arm strength, and obviously you the stronger your arm, the more plays you can run. old news.
This could have been placed on the many threads about S. Hill...

- 98
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