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It is not going to happen, unless we suddenly have a serious rash of injuries.

Taylor and Jean-Francois are longshots to make the roster. Sheets and Boone are probably both headed to the practice squad. Nate Davis will more than likely join these four players.

Bear doesn't really have competition for the 3rd TE position (JJ Finley is not going to beat him out), and McKillop is going to be the first in for Spikes. So, these guys seem to have a spot already on the 53-man. The same goes for Coffee and Crabs.

P.S. Can you imagine if Barry Sims makes this roster? Half the board would be standing on top of the Bay Bridge, ready to jump. Suddenly, I'm beginning to like the guy more and more.

Not sure if I should take this post seriously or not. Sheets, Davis and Boone would not even make it to our practice squad. McCloughan and Sing know this.

your right.... instead they are going to make the 53 man roster!