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My appologies (ie Curtis Taylor)

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Wow first time I've ever noticed a thread like this since becoming a mod. And yes, I do remember that thread.

But is that the real Takeo Spikes??

Definately the real Takeo. I'm curious why Coffee looks good tho, I mean this is no contact, and he's not really a speedster. Kind of odd

I too am curious how a player can look so good when no one is attempting to tackle him.

Very odd indeed.

Vision? Desire? Shows he has studied the playbook? Asks the right questions? Shows leadership? Shows he's in it for the team and not just for himself?

There are lots of ways a player can impress, even when he's on the sidelines.

If Curtis Taylor ran a 4.4 in the 40...we would have never even had a shot at him...that was his ONLY downfall coming into the draft. Glad the 49ers picked...he's one helluva football player.
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