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I can never remember his name, but that free agent receiver they got from the Bengals seems a little over-rated to me. There's just no way he has enough speed to ever shake any cornerback currently on the Niners. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but if the niners can hold Fitzgerald to under a hundred yards consistently (and they do), there's no way this guy's going to get loose.
"we go out and we hit people in the mouths" got to love that sing quote
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
What is gonna hurt Seattle this year is a lack of a reall running back,they have two has beens at RB and neither is to be feared even when they were starters.I see a lot of one dimensional offense coming out of Seattle this year.Any team with a decent pass rush is gonna give them big trouble,Hassleback might not make it through the year if they have to throw as much as it looks like they will have to.

One of those "has beens" ran all over us two seasons ago. I should also point out that in order to be a has been you had to have been. Mack Strong had to retire due to a fractured disc in his back. The guy they replaced him with is a beast. Remember his florescent green shoes? I know his name it's just not coming to mind right now. In any case they are younger at the position than you're giving them credit for.

Their main problem is alot like ours. No Line.Ever since their road grader Guard got off to Minnesota they have not been very good at that spot. Our management should be paying attention to this instead of letting personnel get away in during a year where the best talent is our talent at the position. Instead of being so confident that we can replace them. Takes an average of 3 years for Linemen to "get" it.

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