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Are the new premier jerseys on sale yet?

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I just bought one at a little store last week but I haven't seen them in other stores and on it says they don't ship until 7-9 weeks. I compared all the pics to my jersey and everything looks exactly the same. Do you think its real? Oh yeah and i paid 110 which is what they originally cost.

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Well OF COURSE it's REAL. I mean you did buy it at that little store!

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i don't think it's on retail yet... I went to try to get me one and couldn't find the new jerseys. The store is a big sports place too.

Anyone know when they are coming into a store near you?
I found some at they look pretty real!
only $41 after shipping and handling,I got mine, it looks very good except the willis is a little off center but it is not that obvious!
Originally posted by pinder84:
I found some at they look pretty real!

That is some ghetto shizz.
Can you post some pictures of this " little store " jersey you bought ?
Crabtree authentics are on sale! YES!!! Go Tech! Go Niners!
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