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Michael Crabtree is a 49er!

Happy to know the hospital here in the QC fix the next niners star foot.
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We are very fortunate folks, no way he should be there at #10. Go Raiders!
WOW!! Honestly...just fu@*ing WOW!! This kid is gonna be SPECIAL!! I am in shock man. What a day in niner land. Best pick of the draft,EASY! FKING NINERS!!!
crabtree workout
Crabtree sick mix

He was a QB, interesting. Also interested to see how Bruce, Jason hill, Vernon and Crabtree will affect each other getting open, and stretching the field for Gore. Can't wait.
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x 100000000

I was losing it right before the pick, thinking of all these scenarios where we didn't pick him.
Originally posted by DrE_DiESeL97:
Seriously a potential "Biggest Steal in NFL Draft History" if he becomes the next great wide receiver in San Francisco.

I am thrilled beyond amazement. OMFG, it's Christmas in April!

yeah, the last time a big time WR fell to us like that, JERRY RICE!!!! could be our franchise WR for the next 15 years like ol Jerry. Im gonna get my new crabtree jersey like all of u guys lol. i say he gets #18
Crabtree at pick #10 is a great value. I'm really stoked!
this made my day
Originally posted by spencer36:
this made my OFFSEASON

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Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:
Originally posted by spencer36:
this made my OFFSEASON



I can't believe he fell to us! Crabtree is a NINER! Wooohoooo! Instant upgrade for our passing game! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEESSSSSS!
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I'd like to thank Al Davis for not drafting Crabtree! Thank you Thank you. This is a dream draft senerio for the 49ers! I can't believe we have Michael Crabtree! Yes Yes Yes!!!!

Go Niners!!!

hahahaha west coast best coast, god i love us, kid is gonna be a monster
excellent pick. I would've never thought crabtree would've dropped to us. He was either the number one or two player on mel kipers board and we got him at 10!

woo hoooo!

I know there is an official thread...but DAMN we deserve to be excited. Finally, a playmaker!!!!

Now please draft a pass rusher!
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