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Your Breakout Player For 2009

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Originally posted by mighty9ers:
Originally posted by bzborow1:
Manny Lawson?

no question mark though, he looked really good right before he got injured. If he has finally completely healed from surgery, he could be bolting around the field again


I think that he has the ability to be another JP.
I think Haralson takes another step forward in his progression. Manusky has full control of the D from day one of the upcoming season. And the defense personnel hasn't changed and shouldn't change much and the unit did step up in the 2nd half of the season. So with those factors considered, I think Haralson sack total will increase. Just my opinion
I think Goldson has a breakout year if he takes the FS job.
Goldson and Morgan should emerge.

Also, with Norris back, Gore should get mentioned with the league's elite backs once again.
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Originally posted by YuNGbOn3:
jason hill
I hope its Dashon Goldson or Reggie Smith at Free Safety.

Also how about Veron Davis having a breakout year in terms of catches/yards/td's
Jason Hill
Vernon Davis and Chico.

Haralson or VD
For our defense's sake, I sure as hell hope it's Goldson.
Shaun Hill
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:

Chilo Rachal.
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