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I Just Felt Like Going Old School Today!

Here's your ol' skool!!!

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Originally posted by sizzle86:
Here's your ol' skool!!!

lol...Did I see Carmen Policy dancing?
Originally posted by PTulini:

That font might be the ugliest of all time.

Nice thread. It should be required reading for every management, coach and player person. So many of them come from other places and only have a vague idea of the 49er history. Most of them probably don't think the team existed before Walsh.

It helps for them to know a team's proud past so they know there is some tradition to uphold and that the fans often go back a long way and have seen their acts before.
Can we leave the Terrel Owens pictures out of an "old school" discussion. He's about as "old school" as Ashlee Simpson. And I like him, but Deone Sanders is not "old school" either. To me, Sanders is one of the first "new school" guys.

6-9, 265

Hall of Fame Offensive Tackle, also played on defense.
Biggest player in the NFL at the time.
Ate raw steak. Scary dude.
Mayor of Daly City.
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OK, THAT'S old school big time.

The Man Who Started it All. Our first coach -- Lawrence T. "Buck" Shaw.

Total Class. Set the tone for the 49ers of the Future:

This picture is from my original program of the 1948 classic game between the 11-1 49ers and the 12-0 Cleveland Browns. The game was played on November 28, 1948 and won by the Browns 31-28. One of the all-time great games. The Niners finished 12-2, with both losses coming to the Browns who completed the only other undefeated season in Pro Football history.
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Creator of the Shotgun formation. 49ers Head Coach (1959-1963) "Red" Hickey
Hickey went temporarily insane and rotated three QBs. Who were the QBs?

1 -
2 -
3 -

Originally posted by ezrider:
Hickey went temporarily insane and rotated three QBs. Who were the QBs?

1 -
2 -
3 -

I think two of them are Tittle and Brodie because Tittle was taking a pounding and Brodie was young and strong. Didn't that whole thing start because Hickey put Brodie in for Tittle when Tittle was hurting and Brodie pulled out an amazing win against somebody, I forget who? Maybe the Colts, because Unitas was always whining about the ally-oop pass.
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