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And the Anti-Heitmann Crowd Suddenly Went Silent

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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
maddog isn't any different than the rest of us. he's reactionary, he has his favorite players who he defends with whatever biased or convenient information/stats he can find, and he'd rather have his opinions confirmed than challenged.

Its just sad that someone who pretends to be so intelligent is so weak of will that he can't take on actual challenges to the so-called facts he relies upon. He likes to put himself in the same group as a vague group of "experts", but has no firm foundation on which his opinions are based on.

In the end, his opinions are just like any of ours: biased and sometimes illogical.

I'm not anti-Heitmann whatsoever. He's been a good player for us. I'm just anti-MadDog.

I don't care how much football this guy knows or doesn't know.

Maddog's opinion is that everyone is an idiot except for him.

Hence, the douchebag reference.

Argue that.

I'm just disappointed that the board has lost it's mind, and cannot compliment Heitmann. It shows how detached the board is with reality.

And with this comment, having much more important things to do, ADIEU to all.

You may all continue to avoid the subjectL: Is Heitmann worthy of being a starter? I bet not one response. Shock me, ya'll. I'll check back later.

You're still not seing it at all, aren't you.... This thread has become something else that what it was....

This is not even about Heitman anymore, big guy.... This is about you and how you address all the posters in here...

- 98
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Originally posted by nvchamp9ers:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
For those who want to make this about me:
Address the argument.

Heitmann good, and worthy of starting.
Heitmann not good, and not worthy of starting.

This was the premise of the argument from the beginning.

You may begin.

1. This is called Maddog avoiding Nvchamp calling him out again on his lack of substantive knowledge. It is called getting caught and not knowing what to say.

2. To your argument, on Frank Gore longest TD run of the year against the Cards who were the center and RG? I will give you a was right after Heitmann left the was Wragge and Baas and where was the best block made? In the 2nd level by Baas....hmmmm....

Any time, any place. You do not know more than me...except in your mind.

And yet you deny that Heitmann had a great game this week. I SMELL BIAS!!!!

Show me where in my post, I said that? He had a good game, I never said he didn't, but do I think he is part of the best 5 lineup for us no. As for the rest of the post....hahaha, if you actually believe that then there is no helping you. How about this, I will go to my job, where I deal with football and its best college players everyday, and you can go sit at your desk and teach kids about history. Wait...I just figures it out, duh, of course you know more than me! every history teacher knows more than coaches! I am sorry I forgot that, I thought I had a job in football bc it was what I knew about and you had a pay nothing teacher job bc it was what you knew about! I get that mixed up all the time dang it!
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