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Super Bowl LVII - First ever Super Bowl to feature two African American Quarterbacks.

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This will always be an issue with fans because every close call has a winner and a loser. The team that benefits thinks it was the right call and the other team thinks they got robbed. It happens with calls that aren't made as well.

As long as we have humans making judgement calls this will continue. The NFL doesn't make the job any easier when they add some new rule that is even more questionable. They often go overboard the first year while enforcing new rules like hitting with the crown of the helmet or landing on the QB with the full body weight.

Watching a game on TV doesn't really capture the speed of the action. Huge players moving in all directions that often block an officials view leads to wrong calls and missed calls. I don't know anyway to avoid them. Maybe adding a couple of officials in the booth watching the action on TV could help but there will still be disagreements.
Positives to ticky tack in crunch time:
-The refs technically get the call correct

The negatives:

-Odds are refs have missed many of these throughout the game (missed Sweat face mask on same play and nobody cares lol)

-Bails a team out that wasn't at their best when they absolutely had to be.

-In the process of bailing team out that didn't deserve it, they make the product (game) worse.

-It opens the door to WWE style staging. Even if there's nothing there like the Rams Bengals "penalty", encouraging all technicalities to be enforced opens the door to them being able to make one up on questionable contact.
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Jalen Hurts with the the epic fail fumble for six was so clutch for the Chiefs. That special teams punt return for almost a td was huge as well.
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