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Greg Knapp RIP

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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
this is why i dont ride a bike on streets with cars

I am embarassed to say I just found out about this. Haven't been checking in on football much. Changing tastes I guess. But, discovering that Greg Knapp had been killed, that floored me.

I agree very much with Donnie on his statement. I was once an avid bike rider before back surgery sidelined that pursuit, along with others. Still, I remember avoiding busy streets like the plague. If I came to one I got off the bike and walked across the street with my bike in tow until I reached the other side. My ride of choice was a mountain bike outfitted with off-road wheels. My intent was to get to one of many dirt bike trails in my area. No chance of getting hit by a car there. Getting chased by a dog? Yes, that happened. Getting yelled at by a farmer whose land I was on? Yeah, that happened too. Running over a garter snake? That happened a few times. I even fell into a drainage ditch when the trail I was on came to an abrupt end in the middle of a rice field. That resulted in a few bumps. Didn't help my back either.

I don't care if a street has a bike lane as wide as an interstate. There is always that idiot driver who can't put down a phone. All it takes is a second of not paying attention to what is in front of you and it results in a tragedy like this one. I'm very sorry to hear this about Greg. I feel even worse for his family. From what I have read he didn't know what hit him. He never woke up. He just passed. It's a crying shame.
Originally posted by 16to87:

That person must have connections... or is a young white girl?

Knapp was riding his bike in San Ramon, California, when a motorist swerved into the bike lane and struck him from behind, his wife Charlotte Knapp told PEOPLE in July.

"Bicycle fatalities are devastating events. Following thorough review of the investigation, the Office of the District Attorney has determined that there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the requisite standard of criminal negligence on the part of the suspect driver. The dangers of distracted driving are well known; to truly promote road safety, motorists need to be attentive drivers as well," the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office said in a statement on Monday to PEOPLE.
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