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Bears still trying to trade Anthony Miller

Somewhat of a disappointment as a 2nd rounder but he shouldn't cost anything more than a conditional 5th or 6th rounder, could be a useful complementary piece in the slot.

Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller may be on the way out of Chicago.

The Bears have had trade talks with multiple teams about moving Miller, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The possibility of Miller being traded has been discussed all offseason, and so far the Bears haven't found a taker.

Miller has only a $1.7 million cap hit for the 2021 season, which is the last year on his rookie contract. So the salary cap would not be the reason to get rid of him.

But the Bears may have simply decided that they're not going to use him a lot in their offense this season, and so they'd prefer to get what they can for him in a trade.

Last year Miller played in all 16 games, with six starts, and was fifth on the team with 49 catches.
Worth a shot? Maybe swap their 5th and miller for the niners fifth?
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Miller has had to deal with arguably the worst QB situation in the NFL. If it's cheap I'd take him for sure
was hoping for Anthony Miller in 2018

would definitely take him for our third 5th, or 6th - after QB and CB, I think #3 WR might be our biggest need
Definitely worth one of our 5th rounders imo
great slot WR that never had a fair shake. He had some great games but would disappear sometimes. Im hoping we are one of the teams interested. Would be a great WR3
We definitely need a slot WR. I don't know enough about him to know if he is any good though. I am guessing no?
I'd trade a 10th round pick for him.
Originally posted by Waterbear:
I'd trade a 10th round pick for him.

I was gonna say 9th.

Originally posted by Zealot:
Originally posted by Waterbear:
I'd trade a 10th round pick for him.

I was gonna say 9th.

Undrafted player to be named later
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Originally posted by Willisfn4life:

So 5th rounders a no? Lol
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Someday Niner fans will stop obsessing over other teams' trash.

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I'd trade our 5th for the Bears 6th and Miller. Bears want to clear some more cap room. He could just get cut. He's not worth more than Goodwin in my opinion.
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