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Sam Darnold-Traded to Panthers

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I like him as a qb prospect personally but will Shanahan? He is great at the mid range underneath stuff but doesnt want to- seems reluctant to- push the ball down the field. Turnovers seem to be a problem for him as well as he is a try hard a bit too much- imo- and just plain misses reads at other times.

Part of me wants to say he is a better version of jimmy g. I wouldn't complain if we got him
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if hes got bad footwork and bad throwing mechanics, then how is that any better than Jimmy whos got the same s**t?

I'm of the opinion that they should draft someone who doesn't need to be taught how to play quarterback. We don't have the guys that can develop a quarterback and teach them footwork and other basic s**t

Most young QB's need to work on and develop their footwork, its extremely rare to find a prospect whose footwork is very well polished and pro-ready.

And then there's Josh Rosen
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At first I was "f**k no", but if we can get him for cheap then it'd sti be a f**k no. We're really going to rely on the short window we have on a guy that has a bum shoulder and hasn't accomplished anything in the NFL?

If we're going to use the "s**tty team" excuse, might as well just start Mullens.
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Con: Another USC QB

Growing up in SoCal and playing College ball there too doesn't translate well to playing in bad weather in the NFL

He throws picks to touchdowns at about 1:1

Pro: Gase is probably making him look worse than he really is.

I heard his 5th year option would need to be decided in March before he would ever play a game.
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His name is sam dummy. The guy is a f**king loser. Just look at his face. Has anyone seen him play? Hell no to this worthless trash.
His O-Line has been trash the whole 3 years.
Darnold needs some good QB coach to work with him in the off season so he can improve his mechanics. He was raw coming out of college since he hadn't played that many games. I don't know what kind of coaching he gets in NY but he isn't improving. He doesn't have good players around him either so it's hard to make a decision on him. As good as Lawrence is, he'll have problems with the Jets until they improve the personnel.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
His name is sam dummy. The guy is a f**king loser. Just look at his face. Has anyone seen him play? Hell no to this worthless trash.

Good insight. If looks had anything to do with a QBs performance Jimmy G would be the best QB in the NFL
Id rather develop Mullens than have Darnold..
Con = He's Sam Darnold.

Very few pros, and a whole bunch of cons lol.
Cowherd the only person that like him. If you're gonna drop Jimmy, don't drop him for Darnold. You go for Matt Ryan.
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Pick up Darnold and in 4 years we can get Lawrence after the same bust label gets put on him due to playing for the jets.
Pro = He's from San Clemente
Don't want
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