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Raiders at Levi's in 2019 good or bad?

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Raiders at Levi's in 2019 good or bad?

What w/ the Raiders latest stadium lawsuit they may be looking elsewhere to play in 2019. Levi's and SD are being considered. San Diego would be absurd since the people there hate the Raiders. Seems like the best alternative (For the Faiders) would be Levi's since their fans are already in the area.
All I can say is, if it happens, there better be ample insurance to repair the damage which WILL happen ESPECIALLY on their last game
No thanks.
Hell no. Can't stand Marc Davis.
F*** no.
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In exchange for their three 1st rounders (top3, DAL, CHI). nm, their entire 2019 draft.
yeah if they give us their picks used to get rid of mack and cooper lol. They can play at Kezar stadium lol
Let them play at the Murph.
Kezar is available.
I say good. It is all about $$$ in this league. If the rent can give the 9ers more cash surplus why not?? The Jets and Giants have shared a stadium how long??
Shows how stupid Davis is. I never liked Al Davis but I would never call him stupid. He was a good coach back in the day and most of his players loved playing for him. If he was still the owner, he would never be in this position. He would have secured a place to play while the stadium was being finished instead of being stuck in a bad negotiating position.

Make them play at a high school field.
Don't matter to me
Originally posted by susweel:
Don't matter to me

Was waiting for you to say "It would be a pretty good idea" just for the sake of disagreeing with everyone
would like to see how other teams would react to the garbo ass Levis Field.

If the raiders did play there and got the injury bug then we have a serious problem on our hands.
I want the Raiders to move to Reno for a year. That city fits their team and fanbase perfectly.
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