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What is your pick'hem surprise of week 1 ?

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What is your pick'hem surprise of week 1 ?

Pre-season's boring but week 1 is never too far.
I took teams that were selected by less than 20% of voters to win at the time of my post.
My surprise of the week is the Browns over the Steelers.
Browns easy, followed maybe by the Bears.

Steelers under tomlin get shocked or embarssed like 2-3 times a year. The bears showed a lot of fight and promise last year so I'd hope it carries over.
Im saying Bears over the pack. They have improved their roster from last year and I think they might catch green bay napping. Week one is always wonkey though so Im sure there are going to be more than just one upset.

Like the niners over the vikes for instance.
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Of the choices on offer, Cleveland -- to me -- seemed the logical pick.
Although "On Any Given Sunday", I don't see any of the other road teams winning.
The only team I considered outside the Browns, was the NYJ … what kept me from picking them,
is their QB situation at this juncture of the season.
If the Browns get Mack then I'll bet a lot.

I think the Jets will beat Lions.
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