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QB Jimmy Garoppolo, LVR

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Originally posted by Fanaticofnfl:
Originally posted by susweel:
just read this. hopefully it works out

I have very, very mixed feelings about it.

I'll take anything though lol

why ? you dont think he's any good ?
Adam Schefter is reporting we traded a second rounder for Jimmy G
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Acquired for a 2nd round pick in this upcoming draft!!!!
Awwww yeahhhh here comes saquon now
Makes me wonder if those rumors were true or not. About offering browns first and more for him this offseason.
Huge erection
Hell Yhea!!!
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Let's go!

Love it
Here we go!! QB of the future we hope!!
Wow! John Lynch not f'n around.
He's a UFA after this season so wonder if that means he signs a contract also
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