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Arizona Cardinals thread

Soooooooo, did he do drugs just to get away from Keim?
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lol what a loser.

Yep, he realized his career is near the end and wanted one more good pay day. Now he is known as a cheater with declining skills.
John Gambadoro (Insider guy for Cards and Suns) is reporting that Peterson knew he was going to get suspended, and asked the organization to restructure his contract so that the suspension wouldn't cost him as much money

Schefter is saying 8 games, not 6 like yahoo.

He corrected it

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A Tard got busted doing a tarded thing
In other news Nick Bosa tore up his hammies

so we're all having fun weeks
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In other news Nick Bosa tore up his hammies

so we're all having fun weeks

Haha. We dont worry about Bosa for injury. Bosa will smash your rookie for short Murray!
Here is Kyler Murray go!


What a dumbass....this is exactly why you always take care of your criminal cases. Without the arrest warrant for failing to appear, they would not have found the cocaine (unless he is dumb enough to consent to a search of the car). Would have just been a speeding ticket and went along his way. Good news for the 49ers though is likely suspension.
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From another conversation in another thread...just realized AZ has beat SF for 4 straight years.


AZ won both games. Honestly, didnt even realize it. Considering how bad the Cards have sucked since Warner (minus that 1 good year with BA) thats a wild stat. I had no idea AZ was so dominant in this matchup, funny enough to use that word for such a crappy team

2009 - 2 49er wins
2010 - 2 49er wins
2011 - split
2012 - 2 49er wins
2013 - 2 49er wins
2014 - split

49ers were 10-2 against the Cards in this period keep that in mind, when the pendulum finally swings the other way again, you won't be seeing a win against the 49ers for a nice amount of time.
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