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Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by Sims19849ers:
Originally posted by tjd808185:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
check the tape. he moved forward at the exact time the center started to snap the ball.

He was offsides.


I gotta agree with Chaz it was a good jump on the ball. But I could see how the refs would get that wrong, it was almost simultaneous.
I think he was rushing before the ball was snapped. I think they let the receivers block because the db's were pressing them.
refs blew the extra point call when that dude jumped the line

totally legal play he wasn't over the center

lol at Billy B saying "that's b******t, he was over the f**king guard!"

he's right you know
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Here are two of the key plays talked about.

3rd & 2 in the 4th quarter. I don't who the RB normally is in these type of situations but from reading around, Freeman's pass pro is a weakness of his game, and Coleman is the better RB in pass pro. Tevin Coleman injured his ankle and in comes Freeman. This was the next play.

Daggers vs Cover 1(?) blitz
Instead of using the FS in the middle of the field, NE commits the FS to in/out bracket Julio (#11).

Ryan is mid windup. From the side view, his front shoulder is tilted up. He's going deep.

Big windup

The ball would be in the air right now, with two defenders picked, but it's already stripped.

So similar to Cam getting stripped sacked by Von, previous SB, just as he was about to find a target deep.

Gabriel with about 4 yards separation.
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This was sicc
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The sack that led to ATL losing 3 points.

ATL will try to get run some rub/picks with the bunch formation.
NE is going to match the the TE and RB in the backfield with the two blue OLBs. If the TE/RB go out for a route, the OLB will then match the route, if TE/RB stay in to block, then rush the passer.

The orange drag tries to run a pick for red's flat route. Because blue OLB has outside leverage on the RB, it's easier for blue OLB to defend the flat. Orange LB picks (interferes with) the orange drag by getting the WR to run directly into the CB. That allows the CB to stay tight to the drag route.

Ryan's first read, Julio, is bracketed.

Ryan looks to the drag route - covered.

Trying to escape the pocket, sacked.

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Originally posted by crabman82:
Originally posted by TyCore:
Originally posted by crabman82:
BTW something I haven't seen talked about is Quinn losing the final timeout via challenge on the Edelman play. Falcons with the ball and about a minute left with a timeout is a huge difference compared to 50 something seconds and no timeouts.

The thing is...

About 40 things had to go perfectly RIGHT for the Patriots to win and perfectly WRONG for the Falcons to lose.

And those things ALL happened.

Momentum had swung. U hope your d can hold but u gotta assume they gonna tie it and best position yourself to go for game winning fg. Losing the last timeout on a challenge he had zero chance to win was very foolish. I've seen many Matt Ryan games where he has 1 min and a timeout or two and gets them in fg range. Super unlikely it happens with 1 min and no timeouts. Limits yourself to how much of the field u can use.

That and catching and running that kick off

Way to start your drive at the 10 guy. Let it bounce
NE ran to the line since they were in hurry up on that Edelman play. Atl had little chance to look at the replay and considering how fluke it was it's a must challenge. When you're up 8 preserving your own time is not your priority. The best they can do is tie the game.

Quinn did not make a bad decision on that.
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