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CB, Jourdan Lewis-Michigan

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Lets see if he can keep it up. Some guys out there emerging is kinda cool for the game atleast.

We need all the talent possible in the NFL with everything going on and decline in GREAT QBs etc.
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"For as good as Chido has been, Jourdan Lewis might have been even better. The third-round selection has been head-and-shoulders the best, most consistent, rookie on the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. Whether it is tackling in space, playing the ball, or locking down his many, Lewis has given the defense a huge boost throughout the season.

On Sunday, Lewis again played pretty well, save for being called for pass-interference on fourth-and-ten on the Raiders' final possession. Fortunately, the GOAT Jeff Heath came through in the clutch so that it wouldn't matter.

Lewis played solid coverage on Michael Crabtree when lined up against the former Texas Tech Red Raiders star. The rookie was third on the team in tackles with six (four solo) and defended a pass on Sunday."

Star in the making.. I never had a doubt.
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Remember when some said Teez Tabor was better than Jourdan Lewis and Jabrill Peppers... If you think I am creating these threads because of my "bias"....

Please re-evaluate the threads..
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