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2nd Favriote Team?

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for the love of god,,, second favorite team my ass,, you have one favorite team in the niners and then you hate everyone else,, what is so hard about this for some to get?

The only "thing hard to get" is on your end... which is that as individuals, we can choose who we like on our own. You probably should know this by now, but the older one gets.. the less one gives a flying fig about whether anyone else can accept that level of independent thinking or not. We make our choices based on our own happiness.. not over some forced guilt applied by what others think we should think or do.

I think it's great that YOU love the Niners and I wouldn't have an issue over you liking another team. Like dude said, TO EACH HIS OWN. No need to try and force your take on others or get seemingly flustered because others do not think the same as you. Having adopted a 2nd team myself, I easily had the absolute best non-SB season ever as I watched last season's football. Having two teams to give a crap about doubled my pleasure. There are limits for me, of course. Can't say I have the time to really add more teams to put that level of attention on.
what cc said times infinity

No loyalty
I dont have any other teams that I root for. I have other players that I like to watch, but root for no other teams.
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Originally posted by juycho:
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go home @$$h0le!!!!

LOL, I think he's kidding around
If you have a 2nd favorite team you're not a true Niner fan
No such thing
When watching teams other the Niners, I tend to root for some of the underdogs. Liked the Browns, Bills, Jaguars, and Lions.
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I will say I'm a hardcore Utah Utes fan and season ticket holder for 20+ years. I am a fan of a lot of the players that I've watched since college. I find it fun and pretty cool to watch them grow from guys that once were "this guy might play in the NFL", into legit NFL players. Eric Weddle, Steve Smith, Sean Smith, Joe Kruger, Star Lotulelei(whom I met once and he was wearing a Niners hat his Sr. year.), and some other QB that for some reason his name has slipped my mind. I'll root for their team whenever I get to watch them. Doesn't really make me any less of a Niner fan, but I am an NFL fan that's for sure.

Now if you were to see my room you would see I'm clearly a die hard Niners fan. Got Niner s**t everywhere. But I don't see anything wrong with rooting for one team over another, unless their playing the Niners. If said team loses I don't really bat an eye, I don't care. Niners lose and takes me til Tuesday to not be irritated.
1 team that's why they call us the Faithful. lol
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WTF is a 2nd team

Originally posted by verb1der:
Mine is The Panther

I spent a lot of time in the DC area so I would have to say The Redskin

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No loyalty

Loyalty to what? A team that doesn't give a F about me other than my $?

The 9ers are my team because I grew up in that area. That's it. If I grew up somewhere else, I'd probably have a different favorite team.

I root for them even though they don't care about me. So yeah, I'm gonna root for whatever other teams I enjoy.

If you want to talk loyalty, let's talk about how I rooted for them for a decade while they completely sucked. Let's talk about how I was a season ticket holder and could not even get my money back on the tickets I couldn't go to, but once they start winning they put in SBAs and priced me out of the market.
I don't have a second favorite NFL team. I established the 49ers as my team in the early 70s, not even knowing or caring that they sucked. By the time I did care Bill Walsh had the team on the uprise. Among a pretty strong population of Raider fans, my family held true. Even after moving South my uncle tried to get me to be a Rams fan. He even said I could just like both and my mom about killed him. I hated the look of every other uniform like it was evil.

There just isn't a second favorite. I have hated some more than others. Raiders, Cowboys, Rams and the Hags since 2002, but I can't root for another team unless they are helping the Niners or playing the Hags.
This so called 49ers fan SinceNEVER07 should be banned from asking such a stupid f*cken question like this if u aint True 2 Red N Gold u honestly aint a die hard/faithful GTFO outta here with your "i like their classy uniforms" reason. Yo u aint real son!!!

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U of A Wildcats. Bear Down! Ain't gonna lie, when Barry Sanders was playing, I never missed a Lions game.
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