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Meh...to each their own. I actually know him and think the world of him as a man, community activist and mentor for unfortunate young men. His criticism of others regarding 9/11 is his opinion and just like anyone else on Earth, he is entitled to his opinion. Your opinion is that he should ingest fecal matter and perish. Pretty harsh of an opinion if you ask me, but like I said....to each his own. Additionally, making the statement that it's wrong to "hate someone you've never met" is pretty darn reasonable if you choose to remove your bias regarding the events of 9/11. It's obvious you have a strong opinion of the events that took place 13 years ago so I won't argue it, I'll only say there are some people who vehemently disbelieve the American media (who is responsible for giving Bin Laden any airtime at all). I don't think Mendenhall ever actually said he felt sorry for Bin Laden (which would prove your claim that he was showing sympathy), just that he thinks people are taking any information they receive on face value without researching the truth for themselves.

I hear ya. Obviously I don't wish those things to happen to Mendenhall, but I went too far. Shouldn't have said it.

I just get irritated whenever I think about it. He comes across as some pseudo-intellectual. Taking the moral high ground, putting guilt on people, telling them how they should feel about a man that is responsible for murdering thousands of innocent civilians in our home country.

I understand you don't want to hate anybody. Given the circumstances, the response from the population was natural and justified. We're cheering for the protection of this country, and for the men and women who protect it, not the killing itself. That idea is lost on Mendenhall.

He can speculate about the truth about those events all he wants. That's his opinion. I'm also a natural skeptic, and everything I hear from mainstream media I take with a giant grain of salt. That doesn't mean you flat-out disrespect the people who were devastated by those events, when he has zero evidence to the contrary.

Just my 2 cents. I'll leave it there so we can get back to talking football.