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Charles Haley liked to masturbate in front of teammates and coaches.... WTF?

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He did a lot worse, and even during team meetings. They traded him to the cowboys hoping he would disrupt them, and then they would have to deal with that locker room cancer because it wasn't widely known at the time. Too bad he fit right in with those criminals.

Talk about locker room cancer, this dude was the epitome of it. Owens had nothing on him.

he was just another guy in that locker room. that was at the time they had a big whorehouse i think right across from cowboy headquarters. haley was tame by standards set by Michael I. and others on that team . that being said i still like him better than owens. I think cuz he made up and retired as a niner
I think there was a story going around that Irvin stabbed a rookie in the neck with scissors because the guy would not get out of the barber chair when Irvin wanted to get a haircut. I can't think of anyone in the NFL I hated more than Michael Irvin and that includes Lawrence Phillips.

Yup, he's lucky he didn't kill the guy. The knife came an inch away from the carotid artery . And he apparently punched out a volunteer ref at a charity game that he and the other Cowboy all stars were playing in. I have never bought his little turn around in life and what we see today. i still think he is a scumbag...but a scumbag that certainly knew how to party.

A lot of young rich guys do dumb things at that age and grow out of it. I think Irvin's kept his nose clean since those days, which is admirable. nobody is perfect. We all have our skeletons, these guys' skeleton's just get thrust into the limelight.
What? Nobody is perfect? I wonder what you have done to make a comment like that about a guy who stabbed someone in the neck? Everybody that committed attempted murder right out of college raise your hand, maybe it is more common than I think? As for Haley I think a lawyer could make a good case for sexual harassment and sue the team on behalf of those offended. Funny how everyone thinks the 49ers don't allow top players to misbehave and have higher standards than other teams.
Originally posted by buck:
If this crap is true, somebody should called the cops. Masturbating in public, and a work place is a public place, is a crime and serious.

Tolerating Haley and his obscene crap was moronic--and if Walsh tolerated it, he was a moron.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but there really are things more important than winning football games.

Disagree completely about involving the cops. Good ole fashioned locker room ass kicking is what he needed
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i thought everyone knew that, maybe i am just a snob

What 5 yrs ago there was a thread, or at least a big discussion of this here on the zone! Your not a snob lol
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