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The New "Enhanced Logo" Tampa Bay Bucs Helmet

The New "Enhanced Logo" Tampa Bay Bucs Helmet

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It gets much worse. Go to to see what they did to the Bucs uniforms. The pants and shoulders are now Black....but called enhanced Pewter. As for the font on the numbers, the most popular jersey will be #24, whoever has it will instantly be nicknamed "Jack". The comments at the bottom run about 95-97% negative. Hilarious.
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That thing is gigantic, looks lame. Shoulda brought back Bucco Bruce.
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At least the Vikings when they changed their logo last year made small changes. I like the Vikings new helmets with that matte purple instead of the high gloss metallic.
THANK GOD we just switched uniforms a few years ago...God knows what those new Nike "51" folks would do to our beloved franchise.

seriously I feel bad for the Bucs fans....if they all can just get together and stop this while they can that would be great.

I promise you I will not play anyone on Madden who tries to wear that ugly s**t.
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Hahaha, I live in the Tampa Bay area and the response to these is universally bad.
Originally posted by Riot:
Hahaha, I live in the Tampa Bay area and the response to these is universally bad.

I do, too, but nobody's offering up an opinion because they're all Giants fans down here.
Originally posted by jrg:

LOL at the fact that in this age Analog numbers makes things look old. Sorry designers that is not high-seas old enough. The get up isn't bad, its the fact that its the Pirates uniform that makes absolutely no sense. Unless they are violating copyright policy laws (Piracy) Were is the Jersey with a map texture in aged paper with inked black lettering. Be intelligently creative and consistent with the lore. Are those numbers supposed to be Gems or Rubies? GTFOOH
never been a fan of teams changing uniforms when they once who a championship in those uniforms.
Supposedly the "black" on those jerseys is actually dark pewter, what ever the f**k that means

Numbers look like they're from a clock. lol Thats really the best they could do?
Wow, they messed these up pretty bad....looks like Seattle and Jacksonville now have some competition for worst uniform. Someone needs to tell these teams that aren't recruiting high school kids so there is no need for the rediculous Oregon-type uniforms.
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they look like a damn digital clock.
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