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Wild Card Weekend - Day Two

Andy Dalton should get fined for not wearing a helmet.
Can San Diego avoid another melt down
I can definitely see the chargers making a deep run especially if that pass rush continues
LOL dalton you idiot
Dalton going full retard lol
SD got a gift.
I'm so happy that we didnt draft Dalton.
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LOL wow what a potato move
Dalton is a stiff.

Damn Dalton must be so small on that side line
Looks like the Bengals wanna extend that 23 year playoff win drought

Bad owner's gonna bad owner
Andy Bungled.

And that Old Spice commercial.... creepy voyeur mom rock opera.
So he was trying to make the 1st down by diving forward but wasn't touched before fumbling it. Well, Dalton gonna dalt.
Whisenhunt gonna get himself another hc job after the season
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