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Wild Card Weekend

Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Even before all the injuries to Chiefs defensive players, their defense was prone to soft stretches during the game all year. I wasn't surprised that the Colts were able to comeback. But to let them go ahead and win the game--wow the Chiefs choked. Sutton is a good DC, but he might want fall on his sword and resign after this one. Take the fall for the rest of his soldiers on defense. Terrible that the Colts were able to score so quickly and often. There wasn't any stoutness on the defense to force the Colts to go 11 plays 6-7 minutes off the clock type scoring drives. It's just a tough lost for the Chiefs because the offense was on fire even with Charles and again without Avery. Smith had one of his best game in 2 years. A couple of mistakes in the fumble and getting caught in a potential sack or a penalty throw-away. But still one hell of a good game by Smith. His decision were among the best in the game and so were his passes. Unless there are more injuries, the Chiefs should be back in the playoffs next year. But that D needs to be fixed. I think it's the scheme more than the individual players, because they did make plays individually to get the 3 turnovers. But they are still leaving receivers wide open too often.

I think chiefs can win the division next year. And to be honest, Alex carried the chiefs yesterday. He put on his cape but Luck balled out and showed a competitive fire the likes of which he wouldn't be denied
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New Orleans playoff game.
first of all, it would be nice to know what a meaningLESS playoff game looks like...
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for those trying to blame alex they are the ones who hated him from day one so they can not be reasoned with. i used to think after he made plays to beat the saints the game manager label would be taken off for good but they were still at it yesterday in the pre game shows
This thread has devolved into the same tired Smith arguments made by the same 3-4 people who post negative stuff solely to troll and get a rise out of others. If it continues, warnings will be issued. Thanks.
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