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NFL Week 17 Games Thread

Originally posted by Jcool:
Stafford with 43 yards with 1:20 to go in the half... Sooo worth the $41.5 million guaranteed he gets!

No Megatron. Dude's entire performance is centered around just chucking the ball up and letting Megatron make ridiculous catches.
Miami is going to choke away the playoffs.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Miami is going to choke away the playoffs.

I'm rooting for San Diego to get that last playoff spot, would love to see more of Rivers and Allen in the playoffs.
Come on atl make a play
Bail out
Wtf thats what sea does every play ti every reciever
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Well atl is falling apart
Newton is middle of the Pack, if contained he won't beat you.
Atlanta D gone potato

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Bowling pins falling over
f**k. Atl defense is so crappy
f**king ATL...... no surprises here...... blow a 10-0 lead.
Garbage ass atl
Ok, let's just root for the Rams to knock off Seattle. Can't count on the Falcons to do anything.
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