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Taunting could nullify touchdown next season

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I get it at the youth and high school level, sorta at the college level, but in the NFL where these are grown-a** men being paid to essentially be modern-day gladiators? Even though I love and much prefer guys like Barry Sanders who just flip the ball to the ref, I'm not a big fan of "taunting" penalties in the NFL...but okay, 15 yards, whatever. But take away a TD? Ridiculous and just flat-out stupid. Which of course means Mama Goodell will seriously consider it.

In 20 years, we're going to be watching the two coaches playing Madden against each other.

Not totally out of the realm of possbility...there already are huge Madden tournaments.

This is an outgrowth of our modern culture where everyone has a "right" to not be offended or get their feelings hurt.
naw, just fine players....a lot. Unlike the helmet to helmet b******t fines, taunting fines would be 100% justifiable.
How about no FG extra point. The TD stays a 6 pts.
Can't we as a society just spank little man Tate and call it even?
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Can't we as a society just spank little man Tate and call it even?

I liked how he got shoved to the ground for his efforts.
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Looks like the Seahawks won't be scoring any touchdowns next year.

lynch and wilson never celebrate. they act like they've been there before, unlike Kap.

Lynch likes to walk into the end zone whenever he can instead of just finishing the play like a pro. He may not celebrate after the score, but he's a douche about it whenever he can be.
I hate the direction the nfl is heading.
I don't think some people understand what this potential rule change means, it has nothing to do with taunting after scoring, but with taunting before the player gets into the endzone. For example on that Tate touchdown, the refs would have enforced it from the 28 yard line when he started obnoxiously waving to the DB and then put them back another 15 yards. This rule would cover any sort of taunting BEFORE the player gets into the endzone.
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Goodfellas contract should also be nullified next year. Between no celebrating after plays no taunting no tacking. Flag after flag trying to water down playoff and meaning of regular season games the game isn't as fun to watch as it was 10 years ago. They don't want concussion suites have them sign a waiver. They don't like TD dances cut them from the broadcast and let ESPN air them and give incentive for something for the fans in the stands see something they can get on TV. Between ticket prices concessions and parking no wonder why stadiums aren't selling out.
I'm not against having them callback a touchdown if the person is taunting 30 yards before they score, all the way to the end zone like Tate did. That was classless.

At the same time, I don't care if someone dances into the end zone, or even does a summersault for all I care.

I see both sides of the issue. I think there's a chance for the league to take it too far and the refs to get ticky-tack with it, especially on players they dislike.

You are correct SFOUT my mistake-

Retired Ravens center Matt Birk is joining the NFL as an appeals officer on player discipline, replacing former NFL coach Art Shell.

Birk confirmed the appointment in a text message to The Baltimore Sun.

A six-time Pro Bowl selection, Birk retired after the Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The Harvard graduate played in the NFL for 15 seasons.

Along with former NFL defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, Birk is one of two appeals officers approved in conjunction by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. In this role, Birk will review discipline matters that have been appealed.

Birk was recommended by the NFLPA executive committee, which includes retired Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth, the players union president.

The NFL and union have not increased fines for this season, they announced Friday.

Read more:,0,7164290.story#ixzz2jKtBOGgE
Originally posted by NinerG94:
I don't disagree with it. If the infraction occurs while the play is still live it should nullify the TD IMO. There's no place for that in football. Score the TD and celebrate with your team. No need for taunting anyone in any situation. I'm still in shock that Golden Taint thinks hes accomplished enough and is good enough to throw it someone's face like that. Classless all the way. Glad to see coach Carroll sit him down afterward and set him straight. Hate Carroll but I think he was genuinely disappointed in Taint.

This^^ All the excessive celebration/acting like a jackass has no place in the game.
All these rules so the NFL can control the game. Roger Godell aka Ras Al Ghul.
LOL at the whole idea of taunting. You dont want to be taunted? Make a play.

You can verbally taunt all you want, (players do it the entire game) but the second you make a hand signal all of a sudden its a criminal offense. What a joke the NFL is becoming.
As for the part they are grown men the can handle it. Well its about being an example for the kids.
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