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**** WEEK 2 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/12 - 9/16 ****

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Originally posted by ninerjok:
The Bengals won't make it to the Super Bowl with Dalton as there QB

We might not... not if we let good defenses own us the way the CAWK suckers owned us like last night......
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Not impressed with the Bengals at all. Pitt had 2 turnovers in the red zone, and that ridiculous tripping penalty changed the entire complexion of the game. Both of these teams are mediocre, and Dalton continues to have very subpar accuracy.
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Anyone know a way to stream games from a iPad? I can't take watching the raiders and jaguars anymore.

Sunday ticket

So I can subscribe to Sunday ticket strictly for online streaming without having direct tv? I'm thinking Bout buying that special copy of Madden just so I can have the one year for free lol

That I don't know but you can stream it on the iPad when you sign up for Sunday ticket max

Do it, I love it

What sunday ticket max cost? If ya dont mind me asking?

I think it's free the rest of the season if you subscribe to direcTV.

Rite on!!
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