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Are the Chiefs your 'second team' now?

Are the Chiefs your 'second team' now?

Originally posted by nickbradley:
sorry. but when montana went to the chiefs they became my AFC team as a kid. it slowly faded away to nothing.

they now have alex smith, and I want so badly for him to succeeed after everything he went through here.

Please do not utter Joe "Knows Superbowl's" Montana's name in this context with Alex Smith, there is no comparison. Joe was forced from the Niners after winning 4 Superbowls, so it WAS painful to watch Joe at any time play for the Chiefs, and it was especially sucking to watch him beat my Niners,even though I was with him for his entire career in San Francisco..

Maybe if you would have been old enough to watch Joe's entire career you would think differently. I hope Smith gets knocked down at least 3 times by Justin and Aldon come Friday. I do hope though they win 8 so we get the 2nd rnd pick as others have said.

Go Niners!! And NO other........!
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If you love the 49ers, you need to root for the Chiefs to win 8 games. After the 8 wins, if you still root for the Chiefs, then get off my lawn.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
sorry. but when montana went to the chiefs they became my AFC team as a kid. it slowly faded away to nothing.

they now have alex smith, and I want so badly for him to succeeed after everything he went through here.

I'm someone that as a little kid endured the 49ers of the mid/late-70s, so you might be able to imagine how much I idolized Joe Montana. I lugged around the Montana "Golden Great" poster to every duty station I had when in the military. But even with that, and knowing he was one of the small handful of people directly responsible for the 49ers dynasty, I couldn't have cared less what he did once he went to KC, and sure as s*** didn't do something silly like buy a Chiefs #19 jersey.

And poor Alex Smith...sure, he faced some adversity and by all accounts is a decent human being, but dude made something like $60 million while being a mediocre-at-best QB for the bulk of his career in SF. He'll be okay. Pardon me if I don't light a candle for him and yearn deeply for his success. Beyond the improved draft pick just don't care.
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I will definitely follow them and have some interest in them this year. Both for the 8 wins and because of Alex Smith. I want to see how it plays out. But the 49ers are my team. I will find myself watching more Chiefs games though.
No - I don't have a 2nd team - except the teams I bet on.

I still, like most of us, want KC to go 8-8.
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I dont have a second team..its sf 4 life

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I don't give two s**ts about KC

it's cool if they win 8 games, but other than that
Only behind the Doyers.
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no, they're my first.
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f**k the chiefs and f**k alex smith.

just get us 8 wins.

I don't have a 2nd team. I am a 49er fan, I dont root for any other teams.
I guess you could say that KC is my 2nd team now...but let's be's only while Alex is there.
Well my wife is a chiefs fan, and I a niners fan. so in a way ive always watched both.

But if they ever played at the same time. Niners game was and will always be first string.

I'm not gonna bs. It's not about comparing Smith to Montana, thats a no brainer.

I followed Montana until he retired, i followed rice until he retired. and i hated the chiefs and raiders, but watched both players. So does that make me less of a niners fan, if i follow Smith, hell no. And since im being straight up, no i wouldnt be following just to see what draft pick we may or may not get. In which some may be following for that reason, but i also think some just dont wanna feel the heat from other posters so they add that as the reason they will watch.

I'm a football fan first. s**t on some sundays in our bye week, i find myself watching other games, and at that time, may be into that game, just not as much as the niners.

Only those bat s**t crazy, would knock another fan, because they follow another team or player for whatever reason.
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
Originally posted by Ballistic:
I've even heard some men go as far as having a "favorite AFC team" lol

get that weak sh*t outta here son

nope. deal with it and get on with your life. You could love golf, synchronized swimming, the Jaguars, or even the opera... and I wouldn't give a damn or try to insult you for it.

Be better than this.
subtle Chiefs fan post
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Originally posted by Ballistic:
subtle Chiefs fan post

Any 49ers fan that explains that the 49ers come first but does like other teams shouldn't have grief thrown at them. My guess is this is all about Alex. It is what it is.. You can keep whining about it if it helps you. You don't know me, so what should you care where my allegiances are?
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