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A compilation of all RGIII Design Run Plays

Wow! I'll be the first to admit that I did not watch many Redskin games this year... pretty much just caught the highlights. I had no idea how many designed run plays RGIII had this past season, and it's so obvious now why he was hurting by the end of the season. This guy just cannot last carrying such a load!
Here's his last run play

Also noticed it seems he hangs onto the ball way too frequently in the read option compared to Kap. It's like RGIII is not as sharp at "reading" the defense compared to Kap and thus gets himself into a lot of trouble resulting in big hits. Opinions?
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i just came
Looks like high school football... great for fantasy football, not so great if you want a healthy QB in the playoffs
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That's why I laugh when I see people who hate on Kaepernick because they think his game is the same as RG3s. and they say that he won't last season. I Can't think of any hits he took this season on design runs that were anywhere close to As violent as the hits that RG3 took.
Mike Shanahan should be shot for doing this to RGIII.
Yea....looks like the Shanni's were willing to do anything to get an offense. No sense whatsoever. RGIII running right up the middle for 2 yds? It's one thing to deploy this intelligently, but, watching this, you get a real feel for how absolutely RECKLESS they were with him.

Why don't you make something similar for Kap, but instead of designed runs, it could be scrambles, read-options, etc.
What the hell was Shanahan thinking? No QB can withstand that amount of punishment. I wouldn't want Kap taking those hits, and he's a big dude. RGIII looks frail in comparison.
Even after he was injured against Baltimore,they continued to put him in positions to get blasted by LINEBACKERS

Shanahan Should be shot

he has so many runs where he gains nothing or loses yards. he won't last 5 years in the NFL taking those kind of hits.
My body hurts from watching that.
How can you not watch this and think anything else besides, "Wow, he takes a lot of big hits."

They need to bring in Jenna Jameson so he can learn how to go down.
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