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Vance "Beastmode" McDonald Thread

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Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Son of Tim McDonald. Former 49er. Watch your tongue

I think you are incorrect unless Tim McDonald is now white
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Per KNBR, yes he is. Always been a niner fan

Nope. TJ McDonald, the safety from USC, is Tim McDonald's son.

This is Vance McDonald. Does he look like Tim McDonald to you?

I like Vance McDonald a lot - not sure if we needed to trade up from 61, but I like him more than Kelce. He's not as good a receiver yet, but he's got the longest arms of any TE in the draft other than Toilolo (34 3/8), big hands, he's huge (6'4, 267 with 31 reps at the combine with long arms) and a solid blocker. I like McDonald at 55 way more than Ertz at 34 and I'm not surprised he went ahead of Kelce.
Originally posted by BayArea:
He looks like he could fill Walker's role easily. Let's face it we aren't in rebuild mode anymore we have to fill holes because we are in superbowl trophy RIGHT f**kING NOW mode.

Have a feeling Vernon will play Delaney's H-back role when Vance is in. Will allow Vermon to have more opportunity.
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
lol he will be targeted in the redzone... 6-4 o yeah me like that. I agree he won't be used as a in line blocker, he will be in motion and do the backfield like walker did. And walker sucked at catching so we couldn't get worse in that area.

i wanted a TE who was 6'6" or taller but whatev
I dont mind the pick, i just dont like the trade up and lose #178. Hopefully he catches & blocks better than Delanie. Dude looks like he can play.
Happy with the pick.
love the pick
I have know clue who this is..hope he can ball
solid pick


He looks like a Better TE then Zach Ertz love the pick
Excellent pick up.
I don't care if he is Tim McDonald's son or not. That has zero to do with it. Guess we have a good bubble screen blocker now. -_-
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
i wanted a TE who was 6'6" or taller but whatev

McDonald is a better athlete and has a larger catch radius than Zach Ertz because of his much longer arms. He's 6'4 but he has long arms for his height compared to the other TE's in the draft. Toilolo is the only guy who is a much bigger target at TE (maybe Eifert - McDonald's arms are more than an inch longer, but Eifert is damn good at high-pointing balls).
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