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i didn't know someone can banned/block u

So I got blocked frm a BS Guy mad cause I said I hated his thread N how he only half a** reported what Jerry rice said today on NFL live about tha Seahawks LOOKING BETTER ON PAPER THEN THA 49ETS N RICE WENT ON TO SAY HE WOULD STILL PICK HIS 49ERS OVER THE SEAHAWKS ... I didn't know u could banned/block people frm ur thread sounds like a b*tch move to me cause u got called out on a half a** report ...guess my problem was don't try N have everybody hate on tha GOAT cause ur lazy N don't wanna report everything tha greatest 49er ever said ... this for reading N no matter what ill never block someone for speaking up ...
The truth.
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My recommendation? Go back to school.
Originally posted by jrg:
My recommendation? Go back to school.


Every single post/thread I've see from you makes me shake my head.
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blocking and locking
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