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Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless

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This guy is a cocky douche, can't wait to see him get torched next year. He's just creating negative attention for himself and a huge target on his back. What a joke, you're a professional act like it.
They are both annoying, that was uncomfortable to watch.
Sherman is a blazing failure. Can we play Seattle and crush this moron already. Gosh I hate the off season.
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when Sherman's Skips age, he'll be bankrupt and working at walmart.

uh yea, w/ that degree from stanford that you don't have

He is a communications major who doesn't communicate well.
Dude is a classless piece of sh!t!!! He better get used to using his little clapping taunt when he gets scorched by Crab twice a year.
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Anyone remember Shaun Merrimen before busted for PEDs ....Beast !


I sense epic failure this year. something is wrong with him mentally.

I've never seen a niner act this way since Vernon Davis pre Singleterry.
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Did Revis get notoriety by putting Champ Baily on blast. Pretty sure Revis did it by being the guy no QB wants to throw near. Sherman is Deangelo Hall good corner who tries to make people belie e he is better than he is. Hall at least seemed to have a playfulness about his comments this guy probably still harboring some deep childhood trauma of inadequecy.
That was a a douche-off.
Great job Sherman . I cant stand Bayless
"I'm better at life than you"? Way to take the high road...

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That was one weird segment. I'm a better corner than you are at your job. Okay.

harbaugh should've drafted sherman...his antics aside the dude can ball w/ the best of em

He can get away with holding/illegally contact/molesting receivers with the best of em

stop it, lets not be cry babies...they get physical within 5yds thats allowed

You're really calling me a cry baby? Within 5 yards? haha, do you watch any of their games? It's all the way down the field where ever the receivers go. Why do you think Sherman was mediocre in college? He suddenly turned into a superstar in the NFL? His change of direction is pretty bad... so how does he hang with quick receivers? hmmmm I wonder.... Go back and watch some of their defensive film if you really don't believe it.. It's pretty damn blatant.

i watched our games w/ them and didn't see it. my assumptoin was you're discussing 9ers-seahawks games. if you see it in all their games why aren';t the refs calling it?

You didn't pay any attention to our games then. There's a reason Harbaugh mentioned it. But what does he know? He's just a coach in the NFL. Same with Jeff Fisher, who also mentioned their excessive contact. But hey, some guy on the internet says its all good so I guess its all good.
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Originally posted by JoseCortez:
That was a a douche-off.

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wow Sherman actually made Skip look a nice guy.
Sherman came off like a bigger douche than he probably is. I'm no skip fan but he was right. Sherman doesn't let his play speak for itself because all he does is flap his gums about himself. He absolutely took everything personal and was attacking skip and completely avoided answering all the legitimate questions being asked. Saying s**t like "I'm better than you at life"? What a f**king dumbs**t. I give him no credit for "destroying" skip here. You look at the way Suggs goes at skip and I give him credit. This douche sounds like an angry kid that was on the verge of crying the whole time. He needs to take some public speaking classes or something.
Didnt Sopoaga or tukuafu run over Sherman?
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