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Salary Cap is a sham

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Thosr who want to blindly restructure obviously don't recall the salary cap hell the 49ers went through a couple of times at the end of the Young era and then at the end of Garcia's run of success. Yes, Brady has restructured his contract multiple times but they have also let a number of productive veterans go when their price got too high. Despite this latest restructuring, they still let Welker and Vollmer get to FA. The Ravens are piised to lose starters despite making Flacco's deal cap friendly for the first 2 years. The Steelers let Mike Wallace get to FA despite doing a number of restructurings. And, do you reallly want to be emulating the Cowboys front office when they have 1 plaoff win since Aikman reired?

The 49ers have restructured when they thought it was the right move. In 2011 or 2012, Willis counted around 17 or 18M against the cap in order to free up more $$ in later years. Three or four 49ers did restructures to free up space for Bowman's extension. They are tellling you what they think about the market for Goldson and whether they can replace him if he leaves by lettting him get to FA. They are also looking beyond just this off-season with Kap, Crabtree and Aldon all coming up for extensions in the next year or two. The 49ers have had one of the best managed caps in the NFL under Balke and marathe. I would give them the benefit of the doubt.
I'm just saying to say we can't afford to trade for and sign Revis to an extension is BS. For every player you say needs a big money extension I can tell you a player on the 49ers roster that won't be their to free up the money. Whitner,Goodwin,Gore and Justin Smith free up alot of cap space. All of those players will be off the roster by the 2015 season if not before.
don't say the 49ers can't......

how about......

stop acting like there is not ramifications to such moves......

posters that say the 49ers can't....are speaking of the end result of doing what ever action....

its like can't shoot yourself in the leg

actually you can.....but it's....kinda...gonna suck man....
all they are doing is turning their salary into signing bounses and spreading the hit over the remainder of the contract, hence raising their cap number for the coming seasons. Its not cheating, its like using 3 credit cards to pay off 1 credit card, you still owe the money and its still a cap hit.
You keep pushing the restructured player/players up in age and then you cut them with little to no penalty. This is nothing like the Steve Young 49ers years. Teams have figured out how push down base salary numbers every year with little to no effect on the future. The salary cap was put into place to help the small market teams but the Cowboys,Patriots,Redskins and a few others are the only teams that can pay 30 million dollar signing bonuses like their giving away candy. Does anyone really think the Benglas would double a players salary and pay a 30 million dollar signing bonus to create salary cap space for the next 2 years. The Cowboys and Redskins got caught in the uncapped year paying big contracts in that year to open up major salary cap space for future years.
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You are shortsighted. The cap is real and a muli-year analysis is needed to see it. You play games to push costs into the future and eventually it catches up with you

If you want a specific player bad enough then ya sure you can rig all your contracts....but nobody is worth that

Smart GMs pay upfront then have a star player at minimal cost. Look how we paid Willis etc.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Does anyone think this is new?

Thats why I always argue with peeps who say a teams income doesn't mean anything because of the cap. Tell that to Art Modell when they were in Cleveland and actually had to take out a loan from the bank to pay Andre Risons Signing Bonus. Of COURSE it matters.

The good news? The Niners have a new stadium coming so they will have all new revenue streams.

BTW..I MUCH prefer this formula to that of MLB and the NBA. Those guaranteed contracts totally screw you for many, many years. I like signing guys to a huge contract and then being able to cut them when they don't perform.

yes! thats whats good about nfl contracts, they are by far the best, its a fair league. only thing i hate about nfl is referee's are more involved in determening the outcome of the game.
Salary cap hell.

One visit is enough.
They're just delaying the inevitable.
Restructuring is a very harmful thing for the future. The Steelers keep doing it with Big Ben, he has high base salaries, like 12.6M and redid it down to 2.6M, giving him a $10m signing bonus. Players dont lose money, they just cut down their base salary, get a big signing bonus, prorated over life of contract. There is a difference with extensions. We could do one with Justin Smith, because he isn't signed for 2014 and beyond, so you extend him, lower his cap figure for 2013 and low 2014 number, then spike it up in 2015 and 2016.

All Dallas did was this above. They redid like 5-8 guys contracts, cut a few, and were under the cap, but need to make more moves to be under the cap for Spencer's franchise tag to be under the cap.

Cowboys are in payday loan hell with the restructures. Its the main topic of talk on the radio at how moving money around isn't helping and just makes things harder. Problem is a successful team falls into the trap of we have to resign so and so when in reality 8 out of 10 times so and so is an average player who can be replaced with a cheaper.

That's how NE has been able to stay so successful over the years. Iirc Brady is the only player left from their first SB win.
@te: do u realize that signing bonuses will count against the cap sooner or later?
then, the boys will have to restructure anew and so on. who says that all the candidates for restructure will cooperate???

i prefer the long-term view, f**k these crappy-managed franchises.
if we can't afford to get a certain player with given contracts, we should not force it through restructuring.
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