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Packers sending coaches to learn how to defend read-option

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And so it begins:

Kevin Seifert ‏@espn_nfcnblog

McCarthy says "579" will stay w team all offseason. Amount of yards #Packers gave up to 49ers in playoffs.

Coaching staff taking a trip to Texas AM to study read option. McCarthy friends with Kevin Sumlin

To clarify, McCarthy sending #Packers defensive staff to Texas A&M to study how to DEFEND read-option. Not running it themselves.#comeonman
Couple months late, Mike.
It would be awesome if we see them again, in the playoffs, and we don't run it once (read-option) but pass all over them and run it down their cheese eatin' throats.

You can't practice against a scrambler. You can't lock down read-option all day, but you have to COVER too.
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Originally posted by Jcool:
And so it begins:

As it should ... and usually does in the NFL.

As to McCarthy, sending his staff to Texas A&M -- to study how to defend the Read-option --
study all you want, execution is still the name of the game. Last I checked, you still need players
to execute Defensive Schemes. As-to-Date, Green Bay, is lacking when it comes to Stopping the Run.

On checking their 2013 Schedule, I'd say The Pack have more worries than stopping the Read-option
part of The Niners offensive game-plan. Green Bay, plays 6/10 non-division games in 2013 against NFC
teams. If that isn't enough, the Pack' schedule has them needing to contain the likes of:

  • 49ers - Gore, plus the Combo of Hunter and James - Road game
  • Bengals - The Law Firm, Green-Ellis - Road game
  • Browns - Trent Richardson - @ Home
  • Ravens - Ray Rice - Road game
  • Redskins - Alfred Morris - @ Home

Mix in their divisional contests where they'll need to contain:

  • AP - twice
  • Forte - ditto; if healthy, then dangerous

The Giants -- in The Meadowlands -- are on the schedule; albeit without Bradshaw, The G-Men will still try
to run the ball. I think (and I could be wrong), The Packers have a lot more worries, than stopping the Read-
option plays within the 49ers attack.
Yeah, they mad.
LOL, they need better personnel, not coaching.
Lol that would've been helpful about 2 months ago
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
LOL, they need better personnel, not coaching.

They'd have decent personnel if they stopped throwing the ball 100 times a game and ran the clock down every once in awhile.
We literally sent them back to school
try as you might pack, yo arse gonna get kaeped either way

We should do the same
everyone and their moma is gonna be running the read option next year. fkn biters. Suddenly, Tebow has some value.
Too late cheeseheads...too late.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
everyone and their moma is gonna be running the read option next year. fkn biters. Suddenly, Tebow has some value.

Tebow has little value as a QB. 40% completion isn't going to cut it. If he runs the triple option they don't need to defend the pass. He should play FB or TE.
suggs kept cheap shotting Kaep so,.......

I predict that the read option will not work as effectively next year.
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