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NFL could change dates of combine, free agency and draft.

I'm cool with that. 3-4 weeks in between each event is not too bad. At least there will be less of a wait from the end of the draft to when you actually get to see the rooks in training camp.
Might as well announce that the NFL is just one big billion $ bag of BS.
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They will probably start having regional combines and then the top of those regional will get to go to the main combine. It will give the guys from the small schools a chance to be seen and a chance to get invited to the main combine....

And of course it will all be televised on NFL channel and we will be setting around our T.V's rooting for certain players to make it to the next round. The NFL has already figured out how to make money in the offseason with televising the combine, splitting up the draft and having the first round in primetime...It's all about making money

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If the NFL combine becomes a sports version of American Idol, does this mean Mike Mayock becomes Simon Cowell?

Dat good, an relevant too!
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Might as well announce that the NFL is just one big billion $ bag of BS.

But we knew that, didn't we? Same as it ever was the last 20.......
I dont like this idea
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As former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said during Thursday's edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, the NFL hopes to create a "signing day" for free agents, similar to the phenomenon that has arisen in recent years regarding the date in early February on which high school players pick their college destinations.

We've confirmed that the NFL has specifically proposed a "signing day" in communications with the NFLPA regarding a revised offseason calendar. As Pioli explained, the new three-day legal tampering period is aimed at setting the stage for a one-day bonanza of announcements of new destinations for free agents.

The problem, as a practical matter, with a contrived NFL signing day is that, during the three-day legal tampering period, word will emerge as to where a player plans to sign. Moreover, the first day of free agency already operates that way, since all sorts of illegal tampering ensures that players will know where they'll be signing within hours after the market officially opens.

Still, the not-too-distant future could entail an NFL Network marathon broadcast featuring players sitting before a collection of officially-licensed New Era hats and placing on his head the hat corresponding with his new team.
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NFL players' union not likely to approve later free agency #NFL #NFLPA
This is why they want to make it like American Idol

Record viewers equals more money.
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