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Cary Williams Quote....

Originally posted by SofaKing:
Ravens defense was getting their s**t wrecked all 2nd half, and he was probably their worst starter. Only physical play he made was on the official. f**king dumbass.

It sucks too b/c had he been properly ejected, he would not have broken up that TD pass to Ginn @ the EZ.
Cary is just pissed that ring on his finger is so stinky.
I'm not complaining in the slightest, but I remember watching the game and thinking these guys are hitting well after the whistle.

It is all part of the dirty trenches work, but I remember several occasions watching Justin Smith stop after the play and their guys, I think it was the LG/LT, kept shoving him and hitting him in the head

I'm not raising this to moan, especially as our Oline are well known for being agressive, just to point out the whole pot, kettle, black argument.

Also, I seem to remember Crabtree scoring a TD after two missed tackles including one from their "enforcer"

We can criticise our secondary a lot, but falling off tackles generally isn't one of them (Culliver hurdle aside)
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After seeing that short video I think the NFL brass need to explain why he wasn't tossed out. It was obvious he knew it was an official he was shoving and he pushed him back 10 feet.
Justin Smith gets ejected for accidental contact, this dude throws an official and gets nothing. Those refs had no balls and were so afraid of affecting the game it was ridiculous. And the whole "changing the grades" just to get that crew to the Super Bowl was crap. There wasn't a conspiracy, these were just horrible refs and their hesitance to do anything affected the game more than if they threw the flag. Just turns out those no calls helped the ravens multiple times throughout the game, where as it only helped us once or twice (the late hit from Soap comes to mind).

Honestly though the league needs to get on the same page with PI... Last year the gave WRs all the calls, this year they are letting CBs mug receivers all over the field... The inconsistency is ruining allot of fans outlook of the game.
Who the F-CK is Cary Williams? Cary? Is that the horsefaced girl from Sex in the City?
f*ck him
These officials didnt have the balls to throw any flag, even when it was clear shot at them. weak as piss.
Originally posted by ace49ers:
These officials didnt have the balls to throw any flag, even when it was clear shot at them. weak as piss.

Yup. I understand keeping the flag in your pocket, but a player just shoved you out of the way in a brawl with two hands. Show some decency for the game...

"...... I didn't see the ref; I didn't realize he was there. I just pushed whoever to try to get to him.

Not an excuse. Justin Smith got ejected for this btw:

Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Williams is an idiot and was lucky he got to finish the game, hell he was beyond lucky. Most refs throw someone out for less contact then that.

Remember a couple years ago vs the Chargers when an official put his elbow into Justin Smiths chest to push him away from a scuffle and Justin Smith simply brushed the officials elbow off and then the f**kin official threw his ass out of the game? Meanwhile, Cary Williams can push an official 10 yards back.. This is the kind of s**t I'm talking about.

Upp yeah above is what I"m talking about. Posted before seeing.
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