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Why hasn't the NFL ever invested in the Canadian Football League?

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Mexico > Australia > Canada


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They can have the Seahawks


You have noooo idea how annoying seahawks "fans" are in vancouver, apparently theyre considered our "local" team and it pisses me off so much.

They did just do a 500 million dollar renovation on our stadium here, retractable roof, second biggest suspended screen next to cowboys stadium etc...

As mentioned earlier in the thread, the only 2 cities where it could POSSIBLY work is toronto or vancouver, more likely toronto as vancouver's population is way too small and you would be lucky if 30k people show up (50% of bc place's capacity) and thats a generous estimate as they would never allow tail gating here and its pouring rain 80% of the time anyway.. Why they spent so much money on a retractable roof in a city where it rains 9 months a year is beyond me. I personally think vancouver is over rated, some of the highest realestate costs in north america, ridiculous taxes, gas is most expensive in canada, no fun allowed (as mentioned tail gating would never be allowed) etc. sorry im kind of going of on a tangent but in conclusion, nfl will never fly up here.

CFL can be fun to watch as they air it out ALOT more due to the big field and 3 downs, games are good to go and get s**ttered with your buddies
But thats about it.
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Originally posted by Niners99:
Freezing cold, nothing to do, and the free medical care causes ridiculously long wait times for everything.

Theres a reason we all live in the US. Not having free Healthcare isnt a problem for anyone whos willing to work hard.

Such a misinformed post. LOL
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Mexico < Australia > Canada



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