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Source: NY Jets will shop QB Mark Sanchez this offseason

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Originally posted by Garcia:
I think Sanchez can be good in the right system and the right coach.

Rex Ryan sucks a fat foot.

ala Alex Smith.
Any where he can get the 4-5 seconds to throw he had at USC, but I don't think that exists in the NFL.
Are they going to take him to the dollar store and see if they find anyone willing to bite?
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Maybe if we had a 8th round pick I'd do it. Anything more than that and I'd be pissed.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
raiders will give up their next 5 first rounders for him.

No way anyone trades for that p.o.s. If I was a GM I'd consider trying to lure Jamarcus Russell out of retirement before I gave the jets a stick of winterfresh for Sanchez
The Raiders would love to give up 2 first rounders and a second rounder, oh wait they already gave that up to The Bungles for Palmer! They need to find a dumb team like the Raiders...there's not too many of those!
U$C QB's $uck brontosaurus balls!
That video was funny of him running into the A$$ of an olineman and fumbling the ball for a TD! LOL That looked like something from the three stooges, classic slapstick courtesy of Rex Ryan.

If Sanchez played for Kansas City, Buffalo, Tennessee, or any other small market team, we would barely know about this. Perfect example of manufactured media hysteria.
Another job opening for Smith. That would make some sense. They have a decent defense and a good Oline for the running. He's be a good vet to bring McElroy along.
Lets make a deal : we have a shaky passer that is not very acurate , makes poor decisions, has an average arm at best..Price Tag :17 MILLION DOLLARS !!!!!


Good luck with that Jets
Sanchez means Smith in Mexican.

This is a Mexi'can't play QB for mierda
I've always said from day 1 that Sanchez will be a bust. Alex Smith as a rookie had better pocket presence than this guy has now! He has no touch when it comes to throwing the football and throws the wrong type of ball to his receivers (I've seen him lob it on a 10 yard slant route, and throw a bullet on a deep pass, both of which got picked off lol).

But who the hell is gonna give 8mil guaranteed for this guy? That's what he's due to make next year. The only scenario I see left is for the Jets to keep him as a back up and then cut him the following year. I don't even thing the Raiders would make a move for him.
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