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NFL considering expanding playoffs

Originally posted by communist:
Playoffs=elite teams. Given that the AFC will send some crappy teams to their PO-branch this year, I dont wanna experience what happen if they expand the POs.

Perhaps the NFL should start thinking about consolidation, i.e. no AFC/NFC separation, regarding qualification for the POs.

we have discussed it here. and it is why you can not get rid of 8-8 division winners either.

if you play in a division of 3 really good teams that win outside of their division but lose in it. or you get a team like the falcons or patriots(last year) who don't play anyone go 10-6 and a team who is forced to play 9ers, packers, falcons, patriots, broncos, and the texans. and they go 8-8. who deserves the playoffs?

the only change i could see them making in the playoffs is the best record gets the home game.
The NFL has been itching to expand the season so that the Super Bowl falls on Presidents day weekend and people Get Monday off after the Super Bowl.
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