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Cowboys' Jerry Brown dead, teammate Josh Brent charged

What a giant piece of s**t.
Since January 2000, NFL players have been arrested at least 624 times on various charges, including 42 times this year, according to data compiled by USA TODAY Sports. Of those 624 arrests, 177 (28%) were arrested because they were suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Despite the league's various attempts to stop the problem, it remains the single-biggest criminal issue in the NFL. Nothing else comes close. Nothing else has been more deadly.
Heard Jerry Brown's mother forgave Brent and doesn't want to press charges. Assuming Brent feels guilty enough as it is, compassion may become his biggest punishment.
They let this fool on the sideline since he is iut on bail.

They said the victim's mom wanted it that way.

I still think its a dick move. In the eyes of the law he is a murderer and he is on the sideline cheering with the team.

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Autopsy shows Cowboys LB Jerry Brown Jr. was sober when killed in crash that led to Josh Brent't arrest
Browns mom wanted him there and his teammates had to talk him into it. The man went home once he realized the TV was putting a camera on him. I don't thunk its a dick move at all Brown was like a brother to him and the team is his only family. I'd say if the mom and team is good with it we should be too.
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