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Good article on Vick

Sorry if already posted
We're going to kill him if he signs with Arizona
He made his money already I wouldnt be shocked if he retired.
can't help to think after reading this article, where Smith would end up if the niners decide to cut him after this season...two very different QB's in playing style and will be an interesting off season...but I don't think Vick has much left in the tank...and he looks like he doesn't care to put in the work....
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Vick will def. be an NFL starter next season... everything points to it being in Arizona, also wouldn't be surprised to see him end up wherever Reid ends up (even with Foles starting the rest of the season). BTW it would be cool to see him start for the Bills
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would not be surprised if he ends up in new york.

What about Vick to the Niners ? Not like JH didn't try out Culpepper and Mccown. Ya never know.
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